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Measuring Organic Traffic

Excerpted from HSMAI’s new Best Practices Guide: Data Analytics — Hospitality Sales and Revenue Management.

CHALLENGE Content marketing is becoming increasingly important to hospitality companies — but the true value of its impact can be elusive because it has become more difficult to measure organic traffic, no thanks to keyword encryption by Google.

SOLUTION Cendyn defines clear regional boundaries — Asia-Pacific, EMEA, etc. — and sets KPI goals that are based on regional revenue growth goals, then uses Google Data Studio, a free supplement to Google Analytics, to tally year-over-year organic search volume. The idea is to determine if earned media—driven in large part by content marketing — leads to organic growth, and if so, by how much. For example, if 20 percent of your traffic was organic last year and you’ve published a certain quantity content since then, you would expect traffic to increase a certain percentage based on your given situation.

RESULTS This should have a direct effect on your core revenue KPIs — such as more direct bookings through organic channels, or more white papers downloaded through organic thus resulting in new SQLs (sales qualified leads). Plus, organic-driven revenue drives down your total cost of acquisition regardless of what you are selling.

TAKEAWAY “It’s not one-size-fits-all. You really have to understand your markets and your customers, and in order to do that, you have to your data centralized. This will allow you to create smart, obtainable goals for your organic search performance.”

— Michael Bennett, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development, Cendyn 2018 HSMAI Organizational Member


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