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Competencies Checklist for Hotel Sales Managers

This checklist* can be used by hotel sales leaders, general managers, HR professionals, and others to assess the skills and knowledge required to perform the role of Sales Manager — as well as key behaviors and abilities that contribute to strong performance in this role.

These competencies are the “how” that accompanies the “what” someone delivers in the role, and can be used as a guide to raise the bar for performance and promote a culture of ongoing development and learning.

Rate how proficient the individual is when it comes to each competency:

4 – Advanced: Has broad and deep understanding and skills, with substantial experience in this area; can apply the competency regularly and independently and display this competency in complex, varied situations; role model for this competency.

3 – Proficient: Has sufficient understanding and experience to operate at a full professional level in moderately complex situations; can generalize basic principles to function effectively in both predictable and new situations.

2 – Developing: Newly developing in this area; has a general understanding of key principles but limited or no applied experience with this competency; is capable of using this competency with coaching and support, in simple situations.

1 – Does Not Demonstrate: Does not demonstrate this competency at the expected level, even with available assistance or direction from others.

WAYS TO USE THIS TOOL: Use this tool as part of your regular review process, as an interview tool, with assistants to see if they can/want to be managers, and/or as an auditing tool to teach sales managers across your portfolio. Customize it as needed for your property or company by adding your own additional brand- or company-specific requirements.






Development Recommendations

Recommended Resources



Develops SMART plans for sales calls

  • Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound







Has a comprehensive understanding of prospecting, qualifying, and business development skills

  • Thorough knowledge of the sales cycle to increase opportunities and convert business







Is strategic in managing territory, targets, and pipeline

  • Able to effectively manage time based on the 80/20 rule with the goal of maximizing ROI







Communicates a pertinent value proposition to prospects

  • Able to communicate the value of property, product, and service







Negotiates for mutual success

  • Able to consider client’s point of view for a win-win solution







Is customer-focused

  • Sees things from the buyer's perspective and matches the sales process to each customer









Demonstrates product knowledge

  • Understands the hotel’s features, assets, and solutions, and leverages that knowledge with buyers







Demonstrates market knowledge

  • Has an in-depth understanding of competitive products and services within the marketplace






The Evolving Dynamics of Revenue Management: Chapter 4 – Understanding the Market

Demonstrates industry knowledge

  • Maintains current knowledge of major customer segments; reads major industry publications and attends professional association meetings; keeps current with trends in the market



Demonstrates business acumen

  • Understands 1) how ALL the operations and functions of the hotel/company work together to create success, and 2) what metrics reflect how each function contributes to the overall enterprise






Certified in Hospitality Business Acumen (CHBA) e-Course


Sales Acumen Glossary

Is consultative and an innovative problem solver

  • Able to understand customers’ needs/
    challenges, and devise and demonstrate solutions that the hotel can offer)







Demonstrates analytical thinking

  • Systematically and logically tackles tasks and problems, breaking them down into manageable parts and anticipating consequences of situations







Is a brand ambassador

  • Reflects the hotel’s/company’s identity in appearance, demeanor, values, and ethics









Motivated self-starter

  • Takes initiative







Team oriented

  • Able to collaborate with others for the benefit of the team







Service oriented

  • Desire to help others








  • Highly competent and skilled







Strong communicator

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills







Effective multitasker,

  • Able to prioritize projects and stay organized







Willingness to learn and develop new skills

  • Ability to stay current, adapt, and be a change agent







Good listener

  • Able to listen and follow through







Self-awareness and the ability to self-assess accurately

  • Capacity for introspection and recognition of one’s strengths and weaknesses








  • Able to sense others' feelings and understand how they see things







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