Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
10 Trending Sales Topics

Participants in HSMAI's Spring 2017 Hotel Management Company Sales & Marketing Executive Roundtable look at sales trends impacting their hotels today.

Among the top issues and trends facing sales leaders are seeing heading into the 2nd quarter of 2017:

  • Outside of negotiated travel, classic sales tactics are producing
  • Falling a lot to sales to look at the data we have
  • 2016 was a great group year…until it wasn't late in the year, causing a re-calibration fro 2017.
  • Understanding all the rates that are out there, from loyalty rates to OTAs – impacting sales team to carefully quote rates that are in line with those larger strategies
  • Demand is there on the group side…for the sales team, the focus is on the ability to convert, and in a timely fashion
  • Opimizing incremental revenue – from before the guest arrives until they leave – and getting the sales team to focus on that incremental rev and upselling
  • Sales focus is on lead generation as increase in supply is hurting business and properties are resorting to stealing business from each other.
  • The cost of sales for group, which doesn’t seem to get as much air time as on the transient side.
  • The notion of relationship selling is passe – buying decisions are being made before sales people have the opportunity to create a relationship. It has forced us to look at ROI in the relationship building process.
  • Luxury hotels analyzing the cost and revenue implications of renting rooms by the minute

The session was sponsored by Knowland, Tambourine, and TraveClick. Hotel companies represented at the Roundtable included Atlific Hotels, Atrium Hospitality, CoHo Services, CSM Lodging, Hospitality Ventures Management Group, Hostmark Hospitality Group, HVS Hotel Management Company, JHM Hotels, John Q. Hammons Hotels & Resorts, Midas Hospitality, LLC, OTO Development, LLC, PM Hotel Group, Prism Hotels & Resorts, Remington Hotel Corporation, Spire Hospitality, Strand Development Company, LLC, The Dow Hotel Company, TMI Hospitality, Two Roads Hospitality, White Lodging Services Corporation, and Widewaters Hotels, LLC. HSMAI brings together Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Marketing Officers, Chief Sales Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, and Hotel Management Company Sales & Marketing Executives through the year.