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Digital Marketing in the Digital Age: Chief Digital Marketing Officer Insights

A group of executives who gathered for the annual HSMAI Chief Marketing Officer Executive Roundtable shared insights on their roles and the digital landscape as 2017 began. A full report on the roundtable will be available shortly, but the HSMAI Foundation wanted to quickly share these some thoughts from the group.  

Challenges and opportunities facing today’s hotel chief digital marketing officers:

  • The need for more education for ownership: managing up on the expectations of ecommerce, showing them what we are.
  • The lack of choice in suppliers with the consolidation in technology companies.
  • Mobile first may soon be soon mobile only.
  • There should be a continued focus on the full journey a guest goes through and how digital plays a role in that.
  • Infrastructure is legacy and the challenge of being ahead of the curve with innovation.
  • How do we leverage technology to understand guest data and create meaningful one on one personal experiences.
  • We are entering the experience wave – how to move that forward and put hospitality back into the hospitality business.
  • The need to figure out easy payments and discounts vs guests having to fill out a form to get $5 off.
  • Digital is growing well beyond websites and emails, getting into the customer experience.
  • As an industry we are under assault. Intermediation is growing. Distribution from all sides from different players and new business models.
  • Talent Readiness: what are the right skills, technical, leadership, project management, stakeholders’ management.

The roundtable was moderated by Dr. Donna Quadri-Felitti, Director and Associate Professor,  School of Hospitality Management, Penn State University, and sponsored by Lionbridge, Milestone Internet Marketing, and The Sandbox Agency.

Look for a full report soon on the roundtable soon.

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