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The Future of Revenue Management

May 9, 2019

Former Marriott executive Dave Roberts will present a general session on “The Future of Revenue Management” at HSMAI’s 2019 Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) in Minneapolis on June 18–19. Currently, Roberts teaches in the hospitality and tourism management program at Virginia Tech. He retired from Marriott in March as senior vice president of revenue strategy and solutions after 23 years with the company. 

Roberts previously presented at ROC 2017 in Toronto. At ROC 2019 he also will be giving a presentation at a breakout session on personal development and branding. In a recent interview he offered a sneak peak at his general session.

What will your general session presentation at ROC be about?

I’m going to extend the theme of the golden age of travel to the golden age of revenue management, which I think we’re in right now. We’re moving really fast and so much is happening right now, especially as it touches other disciplines. I haven’t finalized the presentation yet, but it will be my vision about how I see it going.

I’ll talk about the things that I’ve seen happen [at Marriott] and where I see it going in the future. There will be a handful of different takeaways and themes. It will be different for everyone and I hope that individuals will want to learn more about the different themes on their own. I’ll also touch on the skillsets that are needed [for revenue optimization] and how the discipline is evolving, and also things that I think the discipline needs to get better at.

Why does hotel revenue optimization interest you?

I think it’s the most interesting discipline in travel. It’s very pure and quantifiable. It involves analytics and strategy and stakeholders, and really touches every discipline in the organization. Revenue managers of right now and of the future have to be turned into other disciplines in ways that are much more in depth than in the past. It’s growing so fast. If you’re in revenue management, you’ll get your hands on anything — business management, finance, just everything.

What keeps you coming back to ROC?

It’s such an incredible collection of experiences and a collection of brainpower and enthusiasm around management, and it is such a unique opportunity. It’s for one day only that all of these people are here, so let’s make it worthwhile.



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