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The Knowledge Center, which is the succesor to HSMAI's eConnect, is your source of insights to fuel sales, inspire marketing, and optimize revenue. Fueled by the HSMAI Foundation, here you will find articles, presentations, templates, multimedia, and much more from HSMAI and industry leaders. Many of the Knowledge Center resources are offered exclusively to HSMAI members.

Knowledge Center5 Storytelling Techniques Hospitality Marketers Can Borrow from Authors | By Storified Hospitality, May 20, 2019

Compelling, relatable, and memorable stories are more than a strategic device or a marketing tacticthey're about forming lasting bonds between people. We connect through shared experiences, and our stories reveal our uniqueness, values, and vulnerability. The best stories are ones you can visualize in the retellingyou feel as if you're there, experiencing the events first-hand. You may not remember what you ate for dinner last night, but you'll never forget the first book you read and loved. Authors can create worlds and characters that often resemble our own, and so we're drawn into those worlds as if they were real. We immerse, we get involved, and we develop a relationship with the characters and story as it unfolds.

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