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The Knowledge Center, which is the succesor to HSMAI's eConnect, is your source of insights to fuel sales, inspire marketing, and optimize revenue. Fueled by the HSMAI Foundation, here you will find articles, presentations, templates, multimedia, and much more from HSMAI and industry leaders. Many of the Knowledge Center resources are offered exclusively to HSMAI members.

Knowledge CenterSo Falls The World: Inside PhocusWright Europe 2019 | By Simone Puorto, May 22, 2019

Quamdiu stat Colisus, stat et Roma - Quando cadet Colisus, cadet et Roma - Quando cadet Roma, cadet et Mundus. This famous epigram can be approximately translated with: As long as the Colossus stands, so shall Rome. When the Colossus falls, Rome shall fall. When Rome falls, so falls the World and it refers to the Colossus Neronis, a sumptuous statue built for Emperor Nero. After Nero's death, the statue was moved next to the Amphitheatrum Flavium, better known as the Colosseum. In retrospect, the epigram's prevision turned out to be surprisingly accurate, as the statue, eventually, fell on the 4th century, just a few years before the final downfall of the Roman Empire. At its zenith, the surface of Rome was over 4 million km, a monolithic entity built around a central hub (Rome) connected to a myriad of interdependent, yet very diverse, regions, each one with its own cultures, habits, and mixed feelings toward the big Empire. And \"mixed feelings towards big Empires\" is exactly what you can feel in the air of the 2019 edition of PhocusWright Europe. Empires on the Edge, in fact, is the tagline welcoming attendees in the stunning venue of Beurs van Berlage, the famous former stock exchange building in the center of Amsterdam. After the opening speech, the event goes straight to \"battle-mode\", with some of travel's newest startups pitching their disruptive ideas: GuruWalk, Cruisewatch, Efectio Sleep, Nannybag, Klazz, Travel Ledger, Questo and Setoo share the Effectenbeurszaal room stage, followed by MediaAlpha, Radware/ShieldSquare, Exoticca and Zizoo.

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