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Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
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HSMAI Digital Marketing Webinar Series 2015

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Series Partner: Tambourine

Experience Marketing: Tips for connecting with consumers before, during and after their hotel stay.

When you share valuable information about your hotel, and personalize through the lens of your story, you will connect with travelers on a deeper level and make them feel good about their decision to stay with you.

There are many, many different ways to communicate with your guests throughout at all stages of travel, and what you choose to focus on is very much tied to the unique attributes of your hotel, its surroundings, your brand and valuable promotions. 

Smart hotel marketers also understand the behavior of contemporary connected travelers.  Today, the average person carries 2.9 devices with smartphones being the most popular by far.  Additionally, we receive more than 2900 marketing messages per day!  It’s clear that ordinary content that is only optimized and targeted for traditional desktop consumption isn’t going to cut it any longer. 

Listen to this webinar event at your convenience to learn:

  • Tips on targeting the customer experience to drive more revenue
  • Specific advice on how to use mobile to improve your connection with guests throughout the journey
  • How to make the most of the opportunity on your website, social platforms and other travel channels consumers are visiting
  • How to communicate the experience with authentic, interesting and helpful content that includes visual storytelling
  • How to measure the engagement level during all phases of the guest experience

Moderator: Tim Peter, President, Tim Peter & Associates


  • Jon Elliott, Director Strategic Marketing, Moghen Sun
  • Carlo Fontana, GM, Hotel Berna Hotel & Hotel Lugano Dante
  • Gabriele Piccoli, Chair of Information Sciences, LSU

Monetize the Multi-Screen: Insights into developing a smart, multiplatform marketing approach

With more than one third of U.S. households having five or more devices in the home there are not only more opportunities for marketers to reach travelers, but also more challenges. U.S. mobile device ownership continues to rise and now with more travelers consuming content on mobile than on PC, there are more reasons for marketers to develop a strategy to reach these consumers across platforms and devices.

Listen to this webinar event at your convenience to learn:

  • What travel consumers expert when engaging with mobile content.
  • Influence the research and booking habits of the online travel consumer, including unique behaviors amongst Family, Budget, Luxury and Business travelers.
  • Diversify marketing plans across platforms to effectively reach today’s digitally-savvy travelers.

End of Summer Check-up:  A digital health review and action plan for the rest of 2015 and 2016

The season for digital marketing reflection is here! As an industry we reflect on the performance of YTD initiatives, look ahead to the big ideas and proven initiatives that will generate increased online revenue opportunities in the second half of 2015 and forecast and budget well for 2016. What did we do well in the first half of 2016? What should we be doing in the second half of the year to boost revenues? How and what should we budget for 2016?

Listen to this webinar event at your convenience to learn:

  • What were the most successful digital marketing formats and initiatives in the first half of 2015?
  • What are the tactical, immediate revenue-generating marketing initiatives you can utilize in the second half of 2015?
  • What are the important digital marketing and distribution factors that will impact the industry in 2016 and beyond you should be concerned about?
  • How to structure your 2016 digital marketing budget so that you can maximize revenues, better utilize your marketing dollars by increasing campaign effectiveness, and generate the highest returns possible from your property website and digital marketing initiatives.

The Total Digital Marketer: How to take advantage of direct and indirect channels in your marketing campaigns

Today’s hyper-connected traveler spends about 17 days in their journey to a decision on a booking. In that time, they visit 18 sites during 8 sessions, making about 6 clicks (Google 2015). In addition, 89% of travelers begin a travel activity on one device and continue it on another.  Hoteliers must engage today’s travel consumer at multiple touch points in this multi-channel, multi-device world we live in.

Listen to this webinar event at your convenience to learn:

  • How to utilize the direct online channel and the OTA channel to maximize campaign results and reduce COS (Cost of Sale)
  • How to structure multi-channel, multi-device marketing campaigns.
  • How to push singular marketing message across channels and devices.
  • How to engage the travel consumer at multiple touch points.

Digital Content Personalization: How to boost customer engagements and conversions

Dynamic content personalization allows hotel marketers to deliver unique and highly relevant textual, visual, and promotional content to site visitors based on a variety of factors including geographic location, website behavior, past booking history, customer segment affiliations, reward program membership, and more. By personalizing content to better engage and resonate with website visitors, hotel marketers can retain existing and capture new customers, boost website bookings and maximize website conversions and revenues by as much as 40%.

Listen to this webinar event at your convenience to learn how to:


  • Differentiate your property from the competition by personalizing promotions, visuals and marketing copy to user's geo location, demographics and purchase intent.
  • Recognize and reward specific customer segments by displaying personalized and relevant content that speaks to their preferences and expectations.
  • Deliver higher levels of consumer satisfaction from the hotel website experience and engage potential customers.
  • Significantly increase website conversions and revenues



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