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Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International

HSMAI is pleased to announce that the call for speaking proposals is now open for its 2019 conferences:

Proposals will be accepted through Friday, September 7, 2018. Submit your proposal now.

Don’t want to speak but have an idea for a speaker and/or topic you’d like to see on the agenda? Let the planning team know!

About the Conferences 

HSMAI hosts the most compelling and comprehensive digital marketing and revenue optimization events for the hotel industry each year, convening key stakeholders to address the most critical trends affecting the disciplines marketing in hotels today. Senior leaders connect and engage in meaningful, thought-provoking conversations about the most important strategic issues facing the business.

The conferences are organized by HSMAI’s Marketing and Revenue Management Advisory Boards.

Presenter Requirements

All perspectives are welcome – we want to hear from independent hotels, management companies, brands, destinations, industry partners, and technology providers.

Presenters should be comfortable with public speaking and able to present their material in an innovative, highly compelling manner. Think about the last time you thoroughly enjoyed a presentation. What was it about the material and the presenter that mesmerized you? This is what the proposal select committee wants to see.

HSMAI does not provide speaking fees or travel allowances.

Presentation Types

The conference committees are seeking presentations for 2 different types of presentations:

1. Insights Worth Sharing (7-minute presentations)

Do you (or will you by the time of the conference) have a great story to tell?

We're looking for presenters to share lessons learned -- the good AND the bad -- from a variety of marketing and revenue optimization initiatives (like highly condensed TED Talks).

We’re especially interested in case studies that deliver:

  • Best practices with practical takeaways that can be used by practitioners to sharpen their every-day skills and boost property performance.
  • Strategic insights that broaden attendees’ perspectives and help them better understand key issues and concepts that impact the strategic and leadership aspects of the digital marketing and/or revenue optimization disciplines.

As an “Insights” speaker you will tell your story in 7 minutes – using as many or as few slides, photos, videos, or other visual aids as you’d like. The time is yours to design. Seven minutes goes by fast, so you’ll be challenged to be concise, targeted, creative, and visual as you tell the story of your case study, or walk through your unique advice, tip, trick, or technique.

2. Breakout Sessions (45-minute presentations)

Breakout sessions offer presenters (and attendees!) the opportunity to drill down into specific industry issues and dynamics.

There are 3 concurrent sessions running at each time slot. Breakout sessions are 45 minutes long.

What’s in it for you?!

This is a terrific opportunity to help your peers navigate the ever-changing environment. In addition to being nationally recognized for your work, you’ll be demonstrating best practices that others can build off of to fuel their sales, inspire their marketing, and optimize their revenue.

And, if that isn’t enough…if your proposal is selected you’ll get a complimentary registration to the conference (a $745+ value).

Who attends?

Digital Marketing Strategy Conference: Attendees are approximately 375 leaders in digital marketing and ecommerce for brands, management companies, ownership groups, hotels, and resorts. The conference is also of interest to partner companies serving the digital marketing industry, including agencies, consultants, technology vendors, and other companies providing products and services in digital marketing execution and reporting.

Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC): ROC brings together more than 650 attendees senior corporate or regional hospitality professionals with direct responsibility for revenue management.  Eighty-five percent (85%) of hotelier attendees hail from the corporate offices of brands, management companies and ownership groups. In total, 110 unique hotel companies were represented in 2018.

How are speakers chosen?

HSMAI’s conference attendees are interested in practical information and insights regarding the most timely and relevant issues of the day.

Proposed presentations should give attendees knowledge, ideas, tools, and know-how that will help them excel in their positions and bring value to their organizations. We are particularly interested in presentations that:

  • share ideas and strategies that can drive revenue & profit.
  • address current challenges facing hotel marketing and revenue management professionals and their organizations.
  • provide insights into new trends affecting hotels.
  • help the audience adapt to the rapid changes happening around them.

The conference committees carefully review the presentation description and proposed take-aways that you submit with these criteria in mind, and make the final decisions about speakers.

If your proposal is accepted for the Digital Marketing Strategy Conference, you will be notified by October 15, 2018. If your proposal is accepted for the Revenue Optimization Conference, you will be notified by March 1, 2019.

What can I expect as a presenter?

Upon acceptance of your proposal, you will receive a Speaker’s Agreement and additional details.  A couple details to note now:

  • You’ll be required to use the conference’s PowerPoint template for your presentation.
  • You’ll be required to submit a solid draft of your presentation 14 days prior to the conference (so that it can be reviewed by the conference committee, and so you’ll have the benefit of their advice and guidance as you finalize your preparations).
  • Final presentations are due 5 days before the conference without exception.

For marketing purposes, HSMAI reserves the right to edit the title and description.  All changes will be shared with the presenter for mutual agreement.

Electronic copies of presentations and/or handouts (PDFs) will be shared with registered attendees via the conference app.

HSMAI’s conference sessions are non-commercial forums. Under no circumstances may a presenter promote a product, service, or anything else representing monetary self-interest. Failure to comply will impact future consideration.

Companies wishing to position themselves commercially may do so by being a conference partner. For information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Elise Rhinehart, HSMAI's Business Development Manager, at or +1 703-506-3297.

Why might my proposal not be accepted?

Due to the volume of submissions, HSMAI does not provide specific reasons for each proposal that isn’t selected.  However, the most common reasons proposals are not selected are:

  • It is not a unique presentation that has not been, or will not be, presented at other industry conferences.
  • A large number of strong proposals were received, not all of which could be accepted due to timing/space considerations.
  • Multiple proposals with overlapping content were received.
  • The proposal did not meet the goals of the meeting.
  • The proposal was vague or did not provide enough information.
  • The topic has been presented recently.
  • The proposed speaker has presented recently.
  • The proposal did not offer a practitioner’s perspective on the subject matter.


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