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Digital Marketing Strategy Conference 2019 Pre-Conference Education


Several learning opportunities are offered the day prior to the Digital Marketing Strategy Conference on Tuesday, January 22, 2019. Most are included with your conference registration.



Tuesday, January 22 | 12:30 - 4:30 pm

This four-hour workshop will review the key components of the Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM) certification materials, and is a great final “cram session” before you take the exam. Participants have the opportunity to take the CHDM exam on site immediately following the review course if they have submitted their application in advance.

Space is limited.

Learn more about this course — and how to be approved to take the exam on site.

Reserve your seat when you register for the conference.

If you are not attending the conference, you may register for this program on its own.


Tuesday, January 22 | 12:30 – 3:30 pm

Each session is sponsored by and designed by the designated partner company. Space is limited -- reserve your seat via the conference registration form (they are included with your conference registration).

12:30 - 1:20 pm

Master Class Series: Strategies on How to Put Your CRM and Reservations Data to Work For You | Brought to you by HEBS Digital

With booking windows shrinking, and literally hundreds of channels for guests to choose from, winning the direct booking customer can seem almost impossible. But the solution may be right in your own hotel reservation and CRM data, right now. As the first part in this series, this workshop will be all about your hotel data – where to find it, what data you have that others don’t, and what actionable steps you can do with your data to impact your bottom line.

In this workshop, HEBS Digital and SHR will uncover the answers and strategies you need to attract and convert more direct booking customers and truly level the data playing field, including:

- What data advantages does your hotel already have that no other booking channel does?

- How should your data impact your pricing strategy and inform your marketing?

- What can you do today to start improving your data use strategy?

Presented by Jason Price, EVP, HEBS Digital and Nicole Adair, Corporate Director of Revenue Management, SHR

Digital Competitive Benchmarking: Using digital competitive analysis and data analytics to develop your marketing plans | Brought to you by Milestone

Benchmark your digital presence vs. your competitors. Compare your readiness for latest digital trends such as Voice search, Mobile competitiveness, AMP, Website Technology, Search Visibility, Omnichannel marketing, etc. vs. other competitors and industry benchmarks. Use data analytics to determine digital marketing channel effectiveness and prioritize marketing spends.

In this workshop Milestone will provide you with direct actionable ideas on how to benchmark your digital marketing performance against top local competitors in order to grow your direct business and win market share:

• What digital benchmarking is and why it matters to your Hotel
• What the key areas of digital marketing are that you need to benchmark
• KPIs that you should track and manage

Presented by Anil Aggarwal, Milestone CEO

1:30 - 2:20 pm

Master Class Series: How to Capitalize on the Full Travel Planning Journey from Dreaming to Booking to Increase the Direct Channel | Brought to you by HEBS Digital

Travel planning. We all know from experience that a lot goes into planning the perfect vacation, and with so many devices and planning resources, the journey is complex. According to Google, in just a little over a 60-day booking window, the average person encounters over 38,983 digital micro-moments and interactions.

In this workshop, HEBS Digital will provide strategies for reaching potential guests throughout the entire travel planning journey, and how to address key digital micro-moments in each phase to shape and influence the booking decision.

Presented by Brent Harris, Vice President of Business Development, and Margaret Mastrogiacomo, VP of Strategy, HEBS Digital

Omnichannel Messaging: What does the future of content creation & distribution look like? | Brought to you by Milestone

Crafting a cohesive, well-tailored and effective message is hard enough, but how do you ensure that you leverage it to its maximum potential? How do you use it in social channels, on your website, in local search, even in mobile channels like SMS? What does tools and strategies can the modern hotelier leverage to create a unified omnichannel messaging strategy? Join Milestone as we discuss how to effectively monetize your messaging and value propositions across multiple channels.

In this workshop, Milestone will cover the definition of omnichannel messaging, share insights into how digital marketers work with omni channel messaging and discuss strategies and tools you can use to manage your digital marketing messaging:

• Learn about digital marketing messaging and the challenges faced by marketers
• See strategies that can be implemented
• Learn about new tools that can help consolidate your digital marketing messaging

2:30 - 3:20 pm

Master Class Series: Your Website through Your Customer's Eyes – What Makes them Book? | Brought to you by HEBS Digital

As people interact with your hotel website at different phases of the travel planning journey, how do you address all of the different customer personas and where they are at in the booking funnel? Further, hoteliers have access to a plethora of data, but what data should be looked at in order to make strategic changes to their hotel website?

In this workshop, HEBS Digital will walk hoteliers through the different website components that help to make up a revenue-driving site, and provide insight as to why certain design choices were made based on the data at hand. Hoteliers will walk away from this workshop with a clear understanding of what to look for as they audit their site, and how to approach their next website redesign.

Presented by Jon Vecchiarelli, Director of Business Development, and Mariana Safer, VP of Client Success, HEBS Digital

Your Website on Steroids: Next generation website technologies for 2019 and beyond | Brought to you by Milestone

What are the next big shifts in website technology? How does voice-search impact how you build your website? How will your website content be impacted by these new technologies? And how do you ensure that all the new technologies that are becoming critical keep you in check with compliance issues like ADA and GDPR? Join Milestone as we discuss the shifts in website technology that we see in 2019 – and beyond – and how they will fit into the larger ecosystem of your modern website.

In this workshop, co-presented by Anne Stingle, VP of Sales & Marketing at Triumph Hotels, you will get insights into the technologies that you need to drive direct bookings and see how they were implemented in a real-life example:

• Learn about the impact of voice search on your business and what you can do to prepare
• Understand the role of ADA & GDPR in your website strategy
• See a case study about website design & technology and how it impacted the hotel


Tuesday, January 22 | 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Join directors of sales, marketing, and revenue management from independent resorts focused on the affluent, luxury travel sector for a day of candid, relevant, and actionable conversation and best practices sharing. Attendees must be full-time employees of a subscribing resort (no agency or supplier representatives are allowed to attend). Learn more, or contact Juli Jones for more information.



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