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7 Twitter Best Practices for Hoteliers

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of the CHDM Study Guide. The Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM) certification program, designed specifically for the hospitality industry, certifies candidates who are able to leverage their knowledge of the Internet marketing channel to maximize direct online channel revenues through lead generation, customer engagement and loyalty, online brand awareness and positive product exposure. Click Here to learn more.

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  1. Keep tweets short to allow room for your followers to give you credit when they ‘retweet’ and share with their friends.
  2. Always include a link within the message, rather than at the end, since it will increase the likelihood that followers will click on it. Twitter also provides the opportunity to add an image to all Tweets.
  3. Listen. Monitor content to better understand sentiment and gauge trends. Pay attention to retweets (when someone considers your tweet of value and passes it on) and consider @replies and direct messages valuable opportunities for one-to-one marketing.
  4. Engage. Use Twitter to converse with individuals who discuss topics relevant to the brand/property.
  5. Provide value. Give followers a reason to continue following you. To build a strong following, go out and follow people, listen to what they say and join in the conversation with something of value.
  6. Use a consistent tone. Using a proper tone is critical to building trust with customers/followers.
  7. Use Twitter as a source to feed your blogs and press releases, to break news, answer queries, offer travel tips and deals, and get instant feedback, as well as feed to other channels and drive and boost traffic to your website.


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