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Knowledge CenterGermany - The Investor's Darling? | By Veronica Waldthausen and Arlett S Oehmichen, October 1, 2014

Compared to the vast majority of European countries, Germany's economy has boasted a strong performance over the past two to three years, both on an economic level and on a hotel performance level. Economic output has been showing above-average growth, despite the ongoing Eurozone debt crisis, which has led to a fundamental change in Germany's economic positioning within Europe over the past ten years. While the Federal Republic is today regarded as a supporting pillar and engine of growth for the Eurozone, it was still characterised as the 'sick man of Europe' a few years ago, owing to its low macroeconomic growth, which was considered to be a risk to those countries in the Eurozone. Given this strong performance, it is not surprising that Germany continues to be everybody's darling. This article gives an overview of the latest hotel real estate trends in Germany by focusing on the top four performers since the onset of the crisis, touches on the booming hotel investment market and lastly gives an indication of the movement of hotel values.

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