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The Knowledge Center, which is the succesor to HSMAI's eConnect, is your source of insights to fuel sales, inspire marketing, and optimize revenue. Fueled by the HSMAI Foundation, here you will find articles, presentations, templates, multimedia, and much more from HSMAI and industry leaders. Many of the Knowledge Center resources are offered exclusively to HSMAI members.

Knowledge CenterContent, Brand and Mobile: The Destination Revolution is Now | By Bronwyn White, February 8, 2016

THE internet is the industrial revolution of our time. And we're still at the beginning of that wondrous upheaval. Because we are at the beginning, unprecedented opportunities for big and small businesses abound. When Google switched over to semantic search (contextual search) a couple of years ago, it started to change everything. It meant that page 1 of Google was different for every search query. Semantic search banished online environments that were easily gamed through key word stuffing and a range of 'black hat' marketing practices in order to get on page 1. It was a time when the deepest pockets won. Today, with modern semantic search, we work with intelligent search engines that determine whether or not your content is reputable and good enough to deliver to Google's users. Marketing and branding are so intimately tied to internet search that everything you do and say on the web now impacts your brand and your ability to be found online. In 2016 you have two types of customers to impress with your brand: travellers and Google. If you have a weak brand, you will confuse both of them. They won't be able to figure you out. They'll go elsewhere. Your brand should say 'Trust and Authority' Because we are at the beginning of the switch to semantic search algorithms and the internet revolution, flexible and innovative brands are well primed to create what David Amerland, author of Semantic Search summarises as \"trust, reputation and authority.\" And to deliver these elements successfully, it is going to take another ingredient time. You need to have these four ingredients as part of your online brand in order for Google to consider your website when it presents web pages to a traveller. Without trust, reputation and authority, search engines will not take you seriously. They will not present you in a traveller search query. And travellers will not buy from you or travel to your destination. Remember, search is the one constant tool people turn to for inspir

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