Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International

Launched in 1996, HSMAI University is the most comprehensive and ambitious initiative in the realm of education for sales and marketers of hospitality and travel to-date, entailing a wide-ranging schedule of course offerings and learning experiences in public venue, private label and online formats.

HSMAI U 2015

Programs offer specialized content to help you fuel sales, inspire marketing, and optimize revenue. Every aspect of the content and support material included in the HSMAI University program has been specifically designed and developed for those involved in sales, marketing, and revenue management, including an inventory of subject matter appropriate to individuals with responsibilities ranging from entry-level to advanced. 

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Revenue Management Webinar Series

Annually HSMAI’s Revenue Management Advisory Board  delivers a 10-part webinar series, presented in conjunction with and STR, to explore the top issues in revenue management and offer effective strategies and tactics to increase your organization’s ROI.

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Digital Marketing Webinar Series

This 5-part webinar series will explore the top issues in digital marketing in 2015 and offer effective strategies and tactics to inspire your organization’s digital marketing efforts.

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Registrants are invited to watch a free recording of the program in the 30 days following the webinar, so if you cannot make the live presentation, you can still watch it at your leisure, or share it with your colleagues.